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An Arena With "An Urban Feel"

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

MaryAnne Gilmartin, executive vice-president of Forest City Ratner, Christopher Sharples, one of the SHoP architects for Barclays Center recently led Curbed NY, a real estate blog, on a tour of the arena, speaking mainly about the features that will give the billion dollar project "an urban feel." As part of it, they showed off the newest renderings, one of which shows the black-and-white court.

Sharples spoke about how the "transparency" of the arena, meaning things like the visibility of the scoreboard from the street, will "bring the energy of the city inside." Sharples said of Barclays "what's unique about this arena is that it's a truly an urban arena."

Gilmartin spoke not just about the design but the ticket pricing and food with a Brooklyn flavor. "When you stand here, you can appreciate how the 2,000 $15 seats that we'll have for basketball puts you in a place where you can feel the energy in the bowl." Gilmartin also noted that fan will be able to get up close to the Nets' practice court. "You'll be able to sit and have a coffee or a soda right beside the court."