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D-Will In L.A.? Is It The LAKERS?

jrfarmar via Instagram
jrfarmar via Instagram

Deron Williams is once again having fun, once again announcing his travels beforehand to pre-empt rumors before they begin. In an Instgram post Tuesday, D-Will noted that he and Jordan Farmar are driving around Los Angeles, posting an image of a Wilshire Boulevard street sign and writing, "riding around LA w/ @jrfarmar. sources say I'm going to the Lakers now," adding a sarcastic emoticon.

Williams did much the same before visiting Dallas, rounding up reporters at the PNY Center to announce that he was going to see his mom and celebrate his son's birthday. Don't make too much of it, he said. (We'd like to point out that he didn't give any warning of his travels to that well-known Spring Break hot spot, Moscow.)