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Hump: "I'd Like To Be Back, But..."


In an interview with Lynn Hoppes of ESPN Playbook, Kris Humphries talks about life, love and the game. With rumors flying that the Nets are looking elsewhere for their next power forward, Humphries left no doubt of where he wants to play as well as the current reality. He also gave what sounded like a valedictory shoutout to Avery Johnson.

"I’d like to be back. But you never know sometimes," he said. "I’m so glad that Coach Avery Johnson gave me the opportunity. I learned a lot and I had gotten better every year. I’m looking to continue to do that.

"But it’s the NBA," the Nets vet added. "You never know what’s going to happen. You might be hoping for one thing, but in the end ... it’s the NBA."

Hump also spoke about the motivation he took from being named the game's most hated player and offered pity to those who think he's nothing but what he was portrayed in the Kardashian sisters' reality show. "Anyone who lives their lives reading tabloids and consumed by that will not be living a happy life. They will always be chasing something that is not going to be there."