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Prokhorov Forms A Political Party; Says He'll Run for Moscow Mayor

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For The Most Interesting Man in the World, 2015 could be particularly interesting. That's when he's promised the Nets will win an NBA title. That same year he'll likely run for mayor of Moscow, he announced Monday. He told of his plans at a press conference establishing a new political party, the "Civic Platform."

The Nets owner admitted the party is a bit "peculiar." He won't join the party, saying it will be limited to 500 people who share the values he espoused when running for Russian President earlier this year. They'll be regional leaders. They will focus on building local organizations first, mainly in large cities like Moscow. Prokhorov owns large swaths of Moscow real estate in addition to holdings in minerals, media and investment banking, .

According to Forbes, Prokhorov made $48.5 million last week, mainly because of the rising price of gold.