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Is Nash D-Will Back-Up Plan?

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Other than Deron Williams, the two biggest names in free agency are Steve Nash and Kevin Garnett. Tim Duncan doesn't count." Both future Hall of Famers, they can still produce despite their advanced age. Nash is 38; Garnett 36.

Both were mentioned this weekend as possible free agents targets of the Nets, if...

Marc Stein reports of Nash's free agency: "three teams with salary-cap space best positioned to make a credible run at the 38-year-old, at this early juncture, are Portland, Toronto and Brooklyn (should the Nets lose D-Will)." Nash is believed to want a three-year deal wherever he signs, taking him past 40. Nash wants to emulate John Stockton, who played till 42.

Shaun Powell of, similarly writes of Garnett, "There’s also Brooklyn, but only if the Nets keep Williams and get Dwight Howard and somehow convince KG to take a little less." That scenario is a bit complicated by KG's historic unwillingness to "take a little less" and that agent Andy Miller represents both Garnett and Ersan Ilyasova.