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D-Will To Meet Nets, Mavs Monday

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This is going take some time. Ric Bucher reports that Deron Williams will meet with representatives of the Nets and Mavericks on Monday as he decides on where he will play next season. Although there is no deadline for Williams to make up his mind, he has said he would like to have things out of the way before the opening of Olympic tryouts Friday.

He cannot sign a contract until July 11 but it's expected that he will make up his mind and announce it this week, perhaps by July 4, Wednesday.

Bucher indicates as well that Jason Kidd will follow Williams wherever he goes. "Another source with business ties to both Kidd and Williams says that the two already have decided to play together for the Nets next season. However, multiple sources say Williams is still torn about his decision," Bucher reported.

In tweets, John Hollinger and in his blog, Tim Bontemps write that if it is a package deal, then it's likely to be the Nets since Brooklyn can pay Kidd more than Dallas. On Wednesday, Chris Broussard, quoting "sources", wrote the Nets point guard Williams "is not planning to visit or meet with any teams once the league allows clubs to begin recruiting players."