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Ford: Nets Will Get D-Will, D12

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In a post-draft podcast with Bill Simmons, Chad Ford predicts the Nets will re-sign Deron Williams this year, Dwight Howard next year but says Gerald Wallace's athleticism is in decline and his game could "get ugly quick."

In discussing whether Steve Nash could wind up in Brooklyn, Ford says that he's unlikely to give the Nets the same boost he would give the Raptors and says Brooklyn will give the Nets "a honeymoon" even if D-Will leaves, then quickly notes he doesn't expect that he will.

"I really do," when asked if Williams stays. "I think Deron's going to go back there. I think they'll piecemeal a team together of again one year contracts so they have the money to sign Dwight Howard. I think Dwight Howard wants to go there." He also said Williams, Jason Kidd and Mirza Teletovic share the same agent, Jeff Schwartz.

As for Wallace, he said, without citing any evidence, that Howard would have preferred playing with Harrison Barnes over Wallace and said he expected Wallace --"who I love"-- would go into decline during his next contract. "Players who get into their 30's and their main attribute as a player is great athleticism, it gets ugly quick."