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"Plan B" Stars With Steve Nash

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The Nets lost out on Carmelo Anthony and got Deron Williams. What happens if in the nightmare scenario, the Nets lose out on Deron Williams? Mikhail Prokhorov always talks about having "Plans B, C, D, etc." According to John Hollinger, "Plan B" in this case would be Steve Nash ... and the Nets would "be at the head of the list."

"Nash resides in New York in the offseason and would find it awfully convenient to amble across the Brooklyn Bridge to work every day," Hollinger writes. "If Williams leaves, I would move the Nets to the head of the list. They are at least as desperate as Toronto and have more of a hometown advantage."

Hollinger notes that a Nash-led Brooklyn Nets would be "at least competitive" and he's done nothing to dismiss the possibility.