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Meanwhile, in New York (Hamptons)

Jason Kidd via Twitter
Jason Kidd via Twitter

Deron Williams is still in the Hamptons, getting ready for the big moment at midnight Saturday when for the first time in his career he is an unrestricted free agent. He's spending time with his wife, Amy, their four children and Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kidd, amid speculation that wherever D-Will goes, J-Kidd will follow.

The hoopla is not as wild as it is in Dallas, but again, this is New York. Blatant homerism isn't as open as it is in smaller venues where there is less to do. Still, there's enough coverage out there as writers lay out what the Nets face in terms of the franchise's future. After all, Barclays Center opens three months from this weekend and the Nets opener is only four months away.