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Big D Pines for Deron Williams


Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, newspapers, websites, blogs, online chats, radio and TV are filled with stories about the Mavericks' pursuit of Deron Williams. There are profiles of him focused on his time growing up in Dallas, columns on why he should stay, chats denigrating the latest Nets rumors as speculation, etc.

The Mavs promise an all-out recruiting effort, but Mark Cuban won't be in the Hamptons Sunday morning. He'll be shooting an episode of his TV show, Shark Tank. (We don't know what Mikhail Prokhorov is planning). Recruiting apparently will be left up to Rick Carlisle and Donnie Nelson, the Mavs GM.

Expect the chatter in Big D to continue until Williams makes his decision, when it will turn to either an analysis (recriminations?) about Cuban's strategy of going all-in on Williams or a celebration of their city's lure.

Despite it all, the Nets continue to be confident that by July 11, they'll have Williams' signature on a Nets' contract. It's highly doubtful that agent Jeff Schwartz or Williams is encouraging Mark Cuban but the Mavs owner is known to covet Williams, even above Dwight Howard, and is likely to keep clearing cap space between now and then.