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Teletovic? Yes, No, Maybe So

B. Petrinovic, Crobasket
B. Petrinovic, Crobasket

Once again, a Balkan sports site is reporting that the Nets have a deal with Mirza Teletovic, the 6'9" Bosnian stretch forward, saying all it awaits is the end of the "transitional period" on July 11.

Earlier this week, Billy King denied that the Nets have an agreement in place with Teletovic, but he didn't deny interest in the Euroleague's top scorer. "Talk to me on Sunday," he told beat writers. Here are some excerpts from his press conference regarding Teletovic. (In that same presser, King said it's still "possible" that Bojan Bogdanovic will join the Nets next season.)

  • Mirza Teletovic new member of the Brooklyn Nets! (Google Translate) - Balkan Sports Net
  • Q. You've been linked with Teletovic?

    A. We’ve been linked with everybody. I don’t know where I’m getting all this cap space to sign all these guys.

    Q. Do you have an agreement with him?

    A. No. No.

    Q. Teletovic agent says narrowed decision – is there an interest?

    A. You can call up the agent.

    Q. Agent quoted as narrowed …

    A .I read that.

    Q. Doesn't faze you?

    A. (Laughs) Talk to me on Sunday.

    Q. But he's reported as signed in Europe …

    A. Yeah, but somebody said Kirilenko agreed to a deal too, and if you go back to summer, we've had a lot of guys that agreed to deals here, and if we'd agreed to all those deals, we wouldn't have room to sign them all. So I think a lot of information gets fed out there, especially international where they just say it. And a lot of times they're doing it because they're negotiating, trying to get a player to Team A in Barcelona, so they want to get out there: 'This guy's going. You want to sign with us;' 'Hey, he's leaving, so you've got to sign here.'