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Nets Acquiring Pick? How Realistic?

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Billy King has said the Nets won't acquire a pick just to have one, but he has said he plans to be "aggressive" in Newark on June 28. "Not having this pick doesn’t preclude us from getting a pick in the draft. We’re going to evaluate it,' said King. "If there’s a player we want, we’ll do everything we can to get that player."

No fewer than seven teams have three or more picks over the two rounds. Six teams --Cleveland, Golden State, Portland, New Orleans, Boston and Houston-- have two first round picks. New Orleans and Portland have two lottery picks. Cleveland, Portland and Golden State have two second rounders to go with their two first round picks. (The Knicks have #48 in the second round. Spurs and Lakers have picks below the Nets' sole pick at #57.)

HoopsWorld reports that with the extraordinary number of hoarded picks comes the realization that some may need to be pruned: sold or traded for veterans or future picks. "Don’t be surprised if a large number of teams outside of the lottery try to trade their first-round pick," writes Alex Kennedy. And don't be surprised if the Nets buy a pick or perhaps more likely trade a veteran for a pick...and cap space.