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Draft Grades From "Great" to F

We've been a bit skeptical of draft grades ever since 2005 when Dick Vitale compared Antoine Wright to Dwyane Wade. (Ed Stefanski compared him to Allan Houston.) So we ask that you take history into account and the ratings with a grain of salt.

For the Nets, the grades break down into two categories: those that take the Gerald Wallace trade into account, which leads to a lower grade, according to some, and those who go strictly by the players taken on Draft Night. Those grades aren't bad.

For instance, SB Nation gives the Nets an "F", chastising them for trading their lottery pick and Chad Ford of ESPN gives them a D+, although he likes Tyshawn Taylor who he had as a first round pick. On the other hand, Sam Amick of SI gives them a B. RealGM which doesn't use a grade system, labels the Nets draft as "great," its highest level, describing Shengelia as "a wise draft and stash." CBS Sports gives the Nets their highest grade, a B+, although Bleacher Report stated the Nets had the best draft!