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Taylor Talks Basketball, Life, History

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Remember when the Nets would have a press conference to introduce their new draft pick? The pick or picks would hold up their Nets uniform jersey and smile before being asked about their hopes and dreams. Well, this year the Nets don't have uniform jerseys to hold up and their big get, Tyshawn Taylor, was taken at #41.

So, instead of standing on a stage, Taylor sat at a desk, answering questions over the phone. Still, he admitted he was thrilled as he watched the Draft at a Hoboken restaurant "I literally jumped from out of the building because I was so excited," Taylor said of playing for the Nets. "I feel like I’m a part of history."

Taylor also talked about his history of immaturity off the court and inconsistency on it. "I've matured a lot," Taylor said. "Four years at a program like Kansas, playing in that system, playing under a great coach -- I grew as a person." Taylor has a degree in communications. "Can't you tell?"