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Dirk Thinks It's 50-50 on D-Will


The Nets think they have a (much) better than 50-50 shot at re-signing Deron Williams, but Dirk Nowitzki thinks his Mavericks have an even shot. "I still think it's 50-50," Nowitzki said Friday on ESPN Radio in Dallas. "I just don't know."

Various pundits have said the Nets are likely to keep Williams, with Marc Stein saying two nights ago that he thought the odds were 80-20 in favor of the Nets and Chris Broussard saying he'd be "shocked" if Dallas pulled it off at the last minute.

Nowitzki did admit, "It's just a matter of does he want to come home and be close to home or does he rather want to make the move to New York and get probably more endorsement deals and stuff like that? I think if that's on his mind it's definitely better in New York."

The Mavericks have been busy trying to clear cap space so they can offer Williams a contract without having to rely on a sign-and-trade with the Nets, something the Nets have said they will not do. They've tried to dump Lamar Odom in a three-team deal, traded draft picks, etc.