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Will Farmar Opt Out Saturday?


Howard Beck reports that Jordan Farmar will likely opt out of his $4.25 million contract before Saturday, giving the Nets cap space a significant boost. Farmar has played for the Nets since 2010 backing up first Devin Harris and then Deron Williams. He has played well in that role, starting 23 games. He averaged 10 points over two years.

Farmar, 26, apparently believes that he can get a better long term contract than he can with the Nets. He has repeatedly said he wants to be a starting point guard.

Stefan Bondy, following up on Beck's report, writes, "Farmar wasn’t happy with his undefined role with the Nets, and felt jerked around by Avery Johnson." Farmar started behind Williams and Sundiata Gaines last season, but moved back into the rotation.

In a later tweet, Bondy writes, "Farmar maintains he hasn't made a decision on his contract: 'Not yet. Got a lot to think about. I got to decide soon though'."