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With EuroStash, Nets Emulate Spurs

adidas Eurocamp
adidas Eurocamp

With the selection of two 6'10" European big men, the Nets were not looking at this fall. They were looking long term and they hope they can emulate the success of the San Antonio Spurs who've made a habit of drafting European players low and then letting them develop overseas. The Spurs could have three such Euros in camp this year.

"San Antonio and other teams have had success drafting guys and leaving them over there to develop," Billy King said just after midnight. "In Philly, I didn’t have a chance to do a lot of that, so it’s something that we’ll look to do more, because it gives you a chance to keep their rights and watch develop and grow."

The Nets, of course, stashed Bojan Bogdanovic last year and King said earlier this week, it was still a possibility he will play with the Nets this year. Of the two taken this year, Tornike Shengelia is the better prospect. He's the younger of the two, at 20 years old. He's an excellent ball-handler who finishes well at the rim. His jump shot needs work but his footwork is first rate. And unlike Ilkan Karaman, the Nets other pick, he's played big minutes in the Euroleague and the FIBA Eurobasket.