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Taylor's Not in Kansas Anymore

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In Lawrence, Kansas, Tyshawn Taylor was seen as controversial, a tough city kid with a chip on his shoulder but with another athleticism and court smarts to help lead a team all the way to college's last game. At the end, his coach summed up his career this way.

"Tyshawn goes from being the most criticized guy that I’ve coached — period — to now, ‘How in the world can we play without him?’ and every fan feels the same way," Kansas Coach Bill Self said.

Self, who coached Deron Williams, said his advice to Taylor is this: "just to work. ... His athletic ability and his talent will win out over time, because all he has to do is just be who he is and just do what he knows he can do.

"Don’t try to be great or do anything exceptional. Just go be who you are. Because who he is is plenty good enough to make that team."

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