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Mavs Try to Shed Salary for D-Will

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The Mavericks have enough cap space to take on Deron Williams wouldn't have much left to acquire anyone else, leaving Williams and an aging Dirk Nowitzki to carry the load. But the Mavs are now trying to dump Lamar Odom's contract in a three-way deal involving the Clippers, Jazz, Mo Williams and, ironically, a trade exception the Jazz picked up in the Mehmet Okur trade with the Nets.

Marc Stein reports, "Sources told that the Jazz are willing to take on Mo Williams in a three-team trade scenario that would send Odom to the Clippers and enable the Mavericks to shed Odom's salary without taking back any salary." The problem is that Williams will have to opt in on a $8.5 million player option and agree to join Utah. The Jazz could take on the contract without returning anything of value because it has a $11 million TE from when the Nets traded a second rounder in 2015 to Okur in December.

As Peter Vecsey reported Thursday morning, the Mavs need to shed salary to give them flexibility to sign other free agents beyond D-Will. In fact, tweeted SI's Zach Lowe, "Even with $0 for Odom, Dallas has to amnesty Haywood to make a max offer to D-Will. And they don't get there by much." Amnesty begins July 11, the same day free agent signings begin.