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King: Lopez "Doing Great"

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Lost in Wednesday's discussion of Deron Williams' free agency and the upcoming draft was Billy King's news on Brook Lopez, who he said is making "great progress" in his return from foot and ankle injuries. Lopez, a restricted free agent, is eligible for his first big contract this summer and the Nets have sent him a qualifying offer.

"Brook saw the doctor June 18 and he’s progressing," said King. "Doing great, running, jumping, dunking, doing everything he's allowed to do. He's just not playing 5 on 5. … right now hes making great progress."

Under the CBA, teams can provide Lopez with offer an sheet starting Sunday. The Nets will have three days to match any offer sheet or Lopez becomes an unrestricted free agent and can sign with that team. Lopez has long insisted he wants to stay with the team and during the transition from New Jersey to Brooklyn served as the face of the franchise.