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Nets Interested in D-Will Plus Nash?


Marc J. Spears reports that the Nets may be interested in pairing Deron Williams and Steve Nash in their Brooklyn backcourt and Nash isn't knocking down the speculation. "I would think I'd meet with them if they're interested," he said. "So we'll see what happens Sunday. But I guess I'm looking forward to seeing which teams are interested and what they have to say." Feeling may be mutual, Spears reports.

The Nets have salary-cap space to sign Nash and keep Deron Williams. The Nets would welcome the two point guards playing together, a league source said. Nash and Nets coach Avery Johnson are former teammates.

"I have friends in Brooklyn," Nash said. "I’m over there a lot. Brooklyn’s great. Brooklyn’s beautiful. I think a lot of guys are going to find out about Brooklyn."

Nash, whose off-season home is near Williams in Lower Manhattan, was asked which New York team he thought was a better option. Nash said: "Right now the Knicks. Maybe in the few years the Nets." But he didn't deny interest in what the Nets are doing. "Another exciting opportunity, a brand-new stadium, a very passionate and resourceful owner. So it's an exciting opportunity." He also said nice things about Phoenix.