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Summer League Roster Also on Tap

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The Nets draft board will still be valuable after the #57 pick is chosen on Thursday night. The scouting database on which the draft board is based includes players the Nets will invite their Summer League team. The team will begin practice in Orlando next week. Whoever the Nets draft will be on hand and so will others who went undrafted but who the Nets like.

So far, the only names confirmed for the team are the Nets' two rookies from last year, MarShon Brooks and Jordan Williams, plus Jeff Foote of the Springfield Armor and Julian Wright, the former lottery pick the Nets have high hopes for. Now, there's word Edwin Ubiles, the D-League Rookie of the Year who, like Wright, the Nets had in for free agent mini-camp will join the team.

Ubiles, who played for Siena, may have another commitment this summer. While he's in Orlando, he'll be keeping tabs on how Team Puerto Rico is doing in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Caracas, Venezuela. He's a team member and they're one of 12 teams competing for the final three spots in the London Olympics.