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Nash: Knicks, Nets Are "Alluring"

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Just before discussing his charity soccer game, Steve Nash told the Morning Joe crew on MSNBC Tuesday that playing in New York or Brooklyn sounds "alluring."

Willie Geist and Joe Scarborough pointed out the advantages for Nash in playing in New York, with Scarborough noting, "You're downtown. You're just a quick jump over to Brooklyn. You're right there. Two choices!" Nash replied, "It does sound alluring, you never know. (Free agency) begins Sunday. It's kinda freaking me out."

Later, Nash (who would be on the Nets radar if Deron Williams left) added, "It's not hard for someone to be attracted to new york or Brooklyn or L.A. or Chicago or any of the big franchises." Scarborough, apparently intent to endear himself to Nets fans, interrupted Nash by saying, "So you're not going to exactly hold it against the Knicks having one of the worst organizations in professional sports."