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Nets Interested in Houston Pick?

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Sports Legion, which has broken several stories lately, tweeted Sunday that the Nets and Lakers are interested in acquiring one of the Rockets picks at #14 and #16 on Draft Night. Later in a follow-up, four other teams were added to the mix.

"Rockets will not use both of their first-round picks in the draft (#14, #16)," according to the first tweet. "Houston is looking to trade down (Nets, Lakers interested)." The follow-up added, "Cavs, Pistons, Nets, Blazers, Jazz & Lakers interested in trading up to pick #16 (owned by the Rockets, who put the pick on the trade block)."

The Nets of course don't have a first rounder to "trade down" to, but they do have one advantage. The hold the Rockets' first rounder, lottery protected (1-14) through 2016. That means the pick rolls over each year through 2016 unless Houston makes the playoffs. If the Nets were willing to offer the return of that pick as part of a package, it would give the Rockets increased flexibility in using picks in other deals.