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It's Down To Brooklyn and Dallas

Amy Williams via Instagram
Amy Williams via Instagram

In a long article and a short note, Marc Stein and Mitch Lawrence write that Deron Williams has limited his choice to resigning with the Nets or moving to the Mavs.

Stein, quoting "sources close to the situation". writes that winning is D-Will's top priority but notes as well as the disparity between what the Nets and Mavs can offer. While much of his article is derived from earlier reports, Stein notes that Williams "already has done some preliminary househunting in Dallas this month in the event that he chooses to return."

On Sunday, Stein tweeted about D-Will's visit to Brooklyn with his wife, Amy, "On recent Barclays Center visit I'm told he was scouting which locker he likes best."

In one of his "Slam Dunks", notes without sourcing, Lawrence reports that the Mavs believe they have no more than a 30% shot at signing Deron Williams but that won't stop them from pursuing the Nets guard.

"Dallas thinks it’s 70-30 that Deron Williams will decide to re-sign with Brooklyn. Before you think that’s great news for the Nets, the Mavs haven’t given up on pursuing their favorite free-agent point guard," Lawrence reports in his Sunday column. Williams continues to insist that he has not made up his mind on his free agency.