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Is Dwightmare Set to Begin Again?

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DWIGHT-mare, noun, an affliction common to Nets fans in the early 21st century. Brought on by Dwight Howard's indecision and immaturity. Symptoms include night sweats, internet addiction, severe mood swings and alternate worship and disdain for Killer B's who are believed be the carriers of a serum that can both infect and cure.

And it's coming back sooner than you expected, according to Peter Vecsey and Tim Bontemps. The two Post writers suggest that Rob Hennigan, who worked under Sam Presti in Seattle and Oklahoma City, are likely to want to move Howard fast and start over, just as the Sonics did when they dumped Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis for pieces and cap space in the summer of 2007, laying the groundwork for the Thunder resurgence.

"The same thing is bound to happen regarding Howard," wrote Vecsey. "He’s through playing games. He’s dead set on competing for championships, not lotteries, and is convinced that can happen with him and Deron Williams as the core."