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CSKA Pushing to Keep AK-47

Word was back in 2010 that Mikhail Prokhorov wanted Andrei Vatutin, CSKA Moscow's GM, to leave Russia and join the Nets as a top executive. Vatutin decided to stay with CSKA and now, his aggressive moves may keep Andrei Kirilenko in Russia. Vatutin recently hired Ettore Messina as CSKA's head coach. He knows his top job is keeping AK-47.

In a press conference, Messina who led CSKA to Euroleague championships in 2006 and 2008 (when Prokhorov owned the team) said he'll give Kirilenko and two teammates considering NBA careers "one piece of advice - above all, win something big in Europe. It adds to the respect for the NBA. Sasha Danilovic, Manu Ginobili, Andrea Bargnani all did."

CSKA of course lost in the last second of this year's Euroleague championship game. Kirilenko signed a three year, $12 million deal with CSKA during the lockout, with annual options to join the NBA. He said he will decide next month.