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Blake: Nets Can Get Quality at #57

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Ryan Blake, the NBA's director of scouting, talked with the Nets website this week on the team's draft prospects, from what players could work at #57; why you move up in a draft; which position is strongest this year (power forward) and the weakest (point guard) and Billy King and Bobby Marks track record when David Stern starts calling names.

Blake identified no fewer than 10 possibilities, from West Virginia 6'7" PF Kevin Jones to Croatia's seven foot swingman Tomislav Zubcic, but also said there can be gems that low in the ranks of the undrafted, pointing to Isaiah Thomas of the Kings, taken at #60. He warned that moving up in the draft is risky, less so if you have "knowledge or a belief that you don't think the other teams do know or have."

As for the Killer B's on Draft night, Blake was optimistic: "I don't know what Billy King's plans are and what Bobby Marks' plans are, but I know them and their track records are strong. And they work extremely hard, and they'll work extremely hard for one pick or try to move up."