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Hollinger: King To Overpay Someone

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

In Philadelphia, Billy King had a reputation for overpaying marginal players like Kenny Thomas and Samuel Dalembert (and to be fair, also a reputation for finding talent low in the draft).

John Hollinger, not a fan of the Nets GM, was asked in a chat Thursday, "Which middling free agent do you think Billy King will give the Travis Outlaw 5yr/35mil contract to?" (Of course, King hadn't even his job interview with Mikhail Prokhorov when Rod Thorn signed Outlaw in July 2010.)

Hollinger responded, without mentioning the Outlaw misinformation, "Ersan Ilyasova is the leader in the clubhouse, but I wouldn't count out Jameer Nelson either. This is going to be a tremendous competition among agents to get to the New Jersey trough first." New Jersey? Can't these guys keep up?