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D-Will Visits Barclays Again

Amy Williams via Instagram
Amy Williams via Instagram

Wednesday night, Amy Williams, Mrs. Deron, posted an image taken of her husband at Barclays Center ... presumably taken earlier Wednesday ... 10 days before he becomes a free agent.

The image showing Williams standing in front of the entrance to Sections 8 and 108 is accompanied by an intriguing caption from Amy: "Funny how this is the ONLY section with numbers up...@dwill8 @deronwilliams coincidence?!? #barclayscenter." (She could have mentioned as well that his Nets contract would total $108 million.)

Williams last visit to the arena was in April when Billy King convinced him to visit Brooklyn along with Jordan Farmar. In his first visit in April 2011, before the roof was up, he called it a "ballers paradise."