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Woj: Howard Wants Brooklyn Trade Done By Draft Day -- June 28

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At the end of his story on the Magic's decision to hire Rob Hennigan, a Thunder --and former Spurs-- exec as their new GM, Adrian Wojnarowski writes of Hennigan's challenges in Orlando:

Hennigan will immediately be confronted with making a decision on All-Star center Dwight Howard’s future. Howard is signed through the 2012-13 season, but another fallout with management has left him wanting a trade soon. Howard will push for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets before the June 28 NBA draft to clear the way for Nets free agent Deron Williams to re-sign with the Nets and partner in the new Brooklyn arena next season.

This is the first indication that Howard wants a deal now. Woj cites no sources on the information but presumably it comes from Howard's camp. Woj previously reported that Williams is unlikely to sign with the Nets unless Howard is brought onboard. Williams quickly denied that. Moreover, Chris Broussard, quoting "people close to the situation", reported Wednesday that D-Will's decision will not be based on what Howard does.

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel backed up Woj's reporting. "Many NBA observers believe Howard wants a trade and wants a trade to the Brooklyn Nets — and fast. I believe he wants a fresh start," wrote Robbins.