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Brooks Hopes for "Bigger" Game


MarShon Brooks scored 28 points in the Nike Pro City Tournament at Baruch College Tuesday, showing off his usual jukes and fakes as well as his three point shooting. But he was also showing off something else, the product of weeks of workouts at the PNY Center with Dr. Jeremy Bettle, the Nets strength and conditioning coach.

"Do I look bigger?" he asked Tim Bontemps of the Post, before adding with a smile, "Don’t lie now."

Brooks, who was presented with his All-Rookie Team award Wednesday, told Bontemps that he’s put on about six pounds so far this summer, and that he hopes to add three or four more before next season. He said that he’s been at the gym working out with Jordan Williams, as the two prepare to lead the Nets Summer League team next month in Orlando. Gerald Green, Deron Williams, Anthony Morrow, DeShawn Stevenson and Brook Lopez, among others, have been on hand at the PNY Center as well.