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Cuban Hoping Dallas Businessmen Will Help Out in Recruiting D-Will

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Mike Fisher of FOX Sports Southwest marshals all the arguments in support of Deron Williams signing with Dallas in two weeks: his family is in Texas, the Mavericks have a winning tradition, the disparity in state taxes and cost of living, Jason Kidd, even that Amy Williams has been seen in a Texas Rangers cap. And he adds a new one to help get around the Nets financial advantage.

"I've also been told that the Mavs have busied themselves lining up corporate support for their potential 'big fish' signee (they'll make sure to tell Deron that the Mavs have the second-strongest corporate sponsorship muscle in the NBA)," writes Fisher.

On the money issue, Fisher also argues that if Williams really wanted to stay with the Nets, he would have already committed. "I don’t believe Deron’s decision is simply about the largest contract; if that was the case, he could’ve re-upped with the Nets long ago and cashed his checks while the Nets perennially won half as many games as the Mavs perennially win."

What he doesn't write is that by opting out and signing a new contract in July, Williams will earn more than $40 million more than if he had simply extended.