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Workouts Few and Far Between


The Nets are in an odd position. As of now, they have only one pick in the Draft and it's three from the end at #57. They've already seen a lot of the talent that will available down there during the mass workout they hosted at the PNY Center in May.

While everyone expects them to acquire a first round pick, agents are more concerned about scheduling clients for workouts with teams that are already in the first round. Itineraries are tight.

So although there was word the Nets would begin workouts this week, nothing's been scheduled. (Terrence Ross, the 6'7" shooting guard out of Washington and a mid-first rounder, says he's going to work out for them but didn't say when.)

Does it matter? Not so much, team officials have long claimed. Marshon Brooks wasn't interviewed before the daft last year. Jordan Williams visited New Jersey in June. Bojan Bogdanovic worked out for them twice. As one said, if you don't know enough about a player by now, it's unlikely a workout is going to help you decide.

That could change as word of the Nets ambitions get more attention, but until then, don't expect a lot of squeaking sneakers in East Rutherford.