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How Teletovic Would Fit With Nets

Sam Meyerkopf of Euroleague Adventures writes Monday about Mirza Teletovic and how he would fit in with the Nets. Meyerkopf is a big Teletovic fan and thinks the 6'9" Bosnian's best NBA talent may be his ability to get his shot off from anywhere and quickly.

"Teletovic shoots in a wide variety of ways; coming off screens, pulling up, or his specialty, off the pick and pop," writes Meyerkopf in a guest column for Nets Are Scorching. "Say Deron Williams does stay with the Nets. Williams’ offensive prowess will make teams double him off the pick so much that Teletovic will murder defenses popping off of them."

Meyerkopf says two NBA comparisons are Ryan Anderson and Channing Frye. Latest reports from his agent have Teletovic interested in joining the Nets or Cavaliers. His agent says he will decide where in the first 10 days of July.