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Brooklyn? Jersey? Does It Matter When They Are New York's Nets

SteViePoPzBK via NetsDaily
SteViePoPzBK via NetsDaily

The last team to move before the Nets packed up for Brooklyn was the Sonics, who fled the (booming) Pacific Northwest for the plains of Oklahoma. That 1,231 miles or 1,220 more than the Nets moved from Newark to Brooklyn. Not such a big deal comparatively.

And Ed Flynn of the Record thinks even that small of a move is inconsequential when you put it in the context of New York City. "Let's face it," he writes. "Whether we like to admit it or not, New Jersey – particularly Bergen, Hudson and Union counties – are really suburbs of New York City, just like Rockland and Westchester counties and parts of Long Island ... And so, good luck to those 'Brooklyn' Nets. I just hope they remember that they really come from Teaneck, N.J."