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Dwyer: Don't Re-sign Wallace


Add Kelly Dwyer to those who think the Nets made a bad trade last March when they sent a top three protected pick in a supposedly deep draft (along with Shawne Williams and Mehmet Okur) to Portland for Gerald Wallace. While admitting that Wallace will be a better player (for a while) than whoever's taken at #6, Dwyer thinks the Nets will make matters worse by signing Wallace to a big deal.

'It appears as if he's been given indication by the Nets that he'll have a home in Brooklyn starting in July," writes the Yahoo! Sports blogger. "Which would blow our mind save for the fact that these are the Nets we're dealing with, and that they'd gladly sign a player they don't need to money they should be saving for others on a team that wouldn't properly utilize his talents."

Dwyer simply doesn't believe Wallace will be able to produce at a high level as his athleticism declines. Nor does he think the addition of Wallace will keep Deron Williams around. So his point is: don't throw good money after bad.