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Brooklyn Nets Gear Sales Skyrocket

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Sales of Nets gear have been going quite well but as Darren Rovell reports, the numbers are approaching absurd levels.

"In fact, on the first day that the team officially became the Brooklyn Nets (April 30), there was more gear sold that day than the amount of New Jersey Nets gear for all of the 2010-11 season," Rovell reports on "The total sales volume on the first two days for the Brooklyn Nets gear was ten times the total (New Jersey Nets) sales in a typical year." Moreover, Rovell later tweeted that since the April 30 logo rollout, Nets gear was the biggest seller among NBA teams.

What makes it more remarkable, writes Rovell, is that "player merchandise" --that is uniform jerseys, shorts, etc.-- have yet to go on sale.

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