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Schuhmann: Look for Draft Trades

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John Schuhmann gets the job of analyzing the Nets draft picture for It's not news that the Nets might buy a pick to get into the first round --they have $3 million if they want-- but Schuhmann says look for a trade that might produce a veteran as well as, or even in place of, a draft pick. The Nets currently have the #57 pick.

"The Nets have the cash to buy into the first round if they see a player they like slip into the 20s," Schuhmann writes. "But general manager Billy King has maintained that his team is looking for veterans to convince Deron Williams that this team can win now. So the trade market must be explored on Draft night and as free agency gets underway."

In addition to the $3 million in cash considerations the Nets have in their pocket, they also have the Rockets (lottery protected) first rounder next season and backcourt talent like Anthony Morrow, MarShon Brooks and Jordan Farmar.