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D-Will Talked With H.S. Coach, Who Advises Him to Pray on Decision


Deron Williams has a particularly close relationship with his high school coach, Tommy Thomas. Not only did D-Will learn the game from Thomas between 1999-02, but once he left Illinois, Williams hired Thomas as his agent, working for the small McLaren Sports agency. Williams switched agents last year and is now represented by Jeff Schwartz.

When in Dallas last week, Thomas says he talked with Williams and gave him some advice: "You've just got to pray about it and then see what path God has for you." Thomas admitted if he was still Williams' agent, he would recommend the Mavericks. But he understands the calculus Williams is facing.

"Deron's always been about winning, so I'm sure that's first and foremost in his mind," Thomas said. "He's already had a great career and made great money. Again, the money is important, obviously, to take care of his family. But he's also a competitive guy."

Meanwhile, Williams tweeted a link to a Dallas website where fans are trying to convince him to return home by accepting Dares for Deron.

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