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Facade's Finishing Touches

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Workmen have begun work on the two final elements of Barclays Center's facade: the 135' by 80' canopy that juts out over the entrance plaza and the "halo" that wraps around the front of the arena just above the main entrance. An architect's animation detailed progress of the facade.

The arena should be close to its final shape by the time free agency opens in a month. The arena's multi-million dollar scoreboard is expected to be hoisted in place around then as well. Billy King has already begun giving agents tours of the construction site to show just how close the arena is to completion.

A consultant for arena investors reports this week that it's still slated to open September 5. The consultant also indicates the Transit Connection continues to face persistent delays and now is unlikely be ready until mid-August. Among the other news in the report: Forest City Ratner has upped its budget for CISCO Stadium Vision screens at the arena and additional wireless access points.