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D-Will on TO's, Free Agency, Dallas


As part of his promotion of Baller Beat, Deron Williams took questions from his Twitter followers last week and talked about his need to cut down on turnovers ("I led the league in turnovers"); the positives and negatives of free agency("It’s kind of mixed emotions"); and his favorite city to play in ("I love playing in my hometown Dallas").

  • Tweet Talkback: Deron Williams (Video) - FOX Sports
  • Question 1: Deron, do you have an ATM Machine in your kitchen?
    Answer: No I do not. I guess one of my teammates, DeShawn Stevenson does, but you keep asking me if I do.

    Question 2: What area of the game do you think you have to improve on?
    Answer: I would say cutting down on turnovers. It’s the most annoying think to me, I hate turnovers. So I led the league in turnovers and it was really hurting me, so I definitely have to cut down on those. So I think playing NBA Baller Beats, that game will help.

    Question 3: How do you feel about being a free agent for the 1st time?
    Answer: It’s kind of mixed emotions, it’s fun to have a possibility to pick where you want to go to, but it’s a little annoying getting asked everyday where you’re going, getting told come here, come there, but also the uncertainly of not knowing where I’m going to be.

    Question 4: What’s up!? What’s your favorite city to play in?
    Answer: I love playing in my hometown Dallas, I always like playing in front of my friends and family, that’s always been a positive for me.

    Question 5: How much will your love of golf play a factor in where you play next season?
    Answer: I do love to play golf, but that’s not really a final thought for me as if I get to play golf on where I go.