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P.J. - Kevin Better Than LeBron


P.J. Carlesimo is in the the news this week. He was an assistant on the Dream Team and was Kevin Durant's first coach in Seattle. In an interview with a Toronto radio station, The Nets assistant said Durant is a better all-around player than LeBron James and said Miami's decision to sign The Big Three in 2011 has hamstrung their title aspirations.

While admitting James is a better athlete, he said "Kevin can do more" on the court. As for the Big Three, Carlesimo said that with the CBA, the Heat "have no money left for anyone else."

Talking about the Nets, Carlesimo said he expects the move to Brooklyn will be a big help and revealed that the front office (Brett Yormark?) is fining team personnel found to be donning the Nets' old colors.

  • P.J. Carlesimo with Brady and Lang (Audio) - SportsNet Canada