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Nets in Italy for EuroCamp

Alexis Reau for Poitiers Basket
Alexis Reau for Poitiers Basket

Danko Cvjeticanin, the Nets international scout, will be entertaining several members of the Nets front office this weekend in the town of Treviso, Italy, where the annual Adidas EuroCamp is being held. Unlike recent years, however, there are few top prospects among the 75 players gathered in the suburb of Venice.

As has been reported and speculated, the Nets primary interest (as well as the Rockets, among others) is Evan Fournier, the 6'7" French guard who Cvjeticanin has reportedly scouted three times. Fornier is considered the only first round prospect in camp and the Nets would have to acquire a irst rounder to take him. With the #57 pick, the Nets could be looking for a young Euro they can stash overseas.

Fournier reportedly has private workouts scheduled for Sunday, after mass workout. No word if the Nets are among those teams putting him through his paces.