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King: We'll Be Aggressive in Draft

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

Billy King went into Draft Night last June with the #27 and #36 picks. He came out with the #25 (MarShon Brooks), the #31 (Bojan Bogdanovic) and the #36 (Jordan Williams). In the process he sent $1.5 million of Mikhail Prokhorov's money and the Nets' 2013 second rounder to Minnesota and the Nets' 2014 second rounder to Boston. Expect more of the same June 28.

"I always go into the draft, even if we had the top pick, trying to get other picks," King said. "You evaluate the draft, you look at the talent that’s there and if there’s somebody you want to go get, I’ve always, in my history, been aggressive.

"Not having this pick doesn’t preclude us from getting a pick in the draft. We’re going to evaluate it … if there’s a player we want, we’ll do everything we can to get that player," King added. He's noted that in 2003, he picked up Willie Green and Kyle Korver after pick #40 and they're still playing. Tim Bontemps also reports King "also can dangle Anthony Morrow in trade talks, as well. King mentioned the fact that they might find ways to create some extra payroll flexibility."