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For Jac-of-All-Nets, A Big Win

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

For seven years, Jaclyn Sabol was a familiar figure with the Nets, as a Dancer, an emcee, coach and choreographer for the NetSational Dance Team, earning the name, Jac-of-all-Nets. She dated Josh Boone. Then, after a series of blinding headaches in 2010, she learned she had anaplastic astrocytoma, brain cancer.

Since then, she has undergone brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, beating the odds against a disease whose five year survival rate is less than 50 percent. Now, her doctors say she is cancer-free and she has joined the battle against the disease. She will emcee a walk against brain cancer on June 16. No longer with the team --she was forced to leave the team in November because she needed health benefits-- she still dates Boone.

Said the ex-Net, who now plays in China, "I don’t really know if I see any major changes in her. She just doesn’t let little things really bother her anymore. That’s it."