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No #60 Pick for Brooklyn Nets

The Nets will have only one pick, #57, in the second round, going into the NBA Draft on June 28. The team had hoped it could re-purchase the rights to the #60 pick, which they had given up to the Lakers in the Sasha Vujacic deal, but L.A. wants to keep the pick. The Nets chances at getting the pick back were always minimal.

"The Lakers have elected not to take the cash for the pick," said a team insider. The pick, originally the Bulls', was sent to New Jersey in the June 2010 trade that sent Chris Douglas-Roberts to the Bucks. The Nets included it in the deal that brought the Nets Vujacic six months later. But under a little known provision in the agreement, the Nets could re-acquire it in return for $250,000. The Lakers had until Thursday to accept the cash but decided instead to keep it.