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Dwightmare Resumes in Orlando

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The Magic's season ended Tuesday night as the Pacers beat them in Indianapolis, giving Indiana a ticket to the second round. Meanwhile, their star center was nowhere to be found. Dwight Howard remains in California, resting his surgically repaired back. That didn't mean he was the center of attention in post-game and now post-season discussions.

Magic CEO Alex Martins, who helped convince Howard to stay in Orlando at the trade deadline, was clear that there would be no sequel to Dwightmare. "If he decides not to sign an extension, then we're going to make decisions necessary so we don't go through a season like we went through this year," said Martins, who didn't seem confident his big man would stay.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, two reporters for ESPN Dallas debate the Mavericks chances of securing Deron Williams as a free agent this summer. It's long, long time from May to July.