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It's Official: Nets Led NBA In Injuries

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The Nets led the NBA with 248 games missed to injury and illness this season, 30 games more than the second place Hornets and a whopping 11 times more than the Suns, whose players only missed 22 games. That's according to a spreadsheet created by the 76ers director of statistics. Of all games lost to injury by NBA teams this season, one in 13 was lost by the Nets.

The Nets, who lost games to personal reasons as well, were also tops in number of players to miss games, 16; season-ending injuries, six. No other team had more than 13 players miss games. The Nets and Hornets tied for the league lead in number of players who played for them during the season, 22, and different starting lineups, 25. The Nets lost 129 games to injury and illness in 82 games during 2010-11.