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Is Dallas Plan "D-Will or Bust"?

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The conventional wisdom is that Mark Cuban cleared all his cap space (and essentially gave up on repeating as NBA champion) so he could make a big play for Deron Williams. But since the Mavs packed up and left Dallas with their fishing poles, a new theory has emerged: It's about the money.

Cuban has talked in the past few days about the need for flexibility and financial responsibility under the cap. He noted that last year, he paid out $19 million in luxury taxes but under the new CBA, he would have had to pay $65 million for the same roster in 2014. Donnie Nelson, his (underrated) GM, says of free agency, "There's a lot of good players out there ... Just because we have [cap space] doesn't mean we have to spend it."

There's little doubt Dallas will make a play for the kid from The Colony High School, but this summer may be more about playing it smart for the long-term.

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